Commercial Litigation


  • Breach of contract
  • Member or partner disputes
  • Disputes with other businesses
  • Lease disputes
  • Breach of contract with vendors and suppliers
  • Collection actions
  • Replevin, garnishment and attachment
  • Injunctions
  • Real estate contract disputes
  • Non compete

What is This?

A simple option provided to new clients is the chance to get big picture advise on your situation for a fixed fee as an initial consultation. Many times you just need to know what is going on, not to enter into an extensive research situation costing thousands of dollars. I will spend one hour with you at a reduced rate to explain your situation and the options you have. This is like having an attorney on staff for quick questions and general guidance on business and legal issues.


I can provideĀ services to resolve business disputes with partners, members, third parties, vendors or any commercial situation needing resolution. Mediation is usually non binding and is an attempt to arrive at a settlement of the dispute. The Mediation takes place at my office with each party (and their attorneys, if appropriate) and I attempt to discuss solutions in a confidential manner.


If the mediation fails or if the parties desire to provide for a binding decision you can schedule an arbitration. An arbitration is like a trial that is doneĀ in a private, confidential setting. Each party presents their side of the story with exhibits and legal arguments and I will determine findings of fact and arrive at a decision on the case.